We are a small team of game developers and we want to provide something that reflects the new emerging face of the industry which is something most companies are understandably too cautious to attempt. Over the last few years we have witnessed just how much the gaming community desires to be a part of the creative process and we think that is awesome. It is our goal to help the evolution of this new paradigm in a way that nourishes that creative and pioneering spirit.

Our goal is to create video games where we involve everyone into the creative process from start to finish. Design decisions will be decided through you by popular vote. You have the power to choose the look, feel and soul of my games. We meticulously comb the forums and listen to what you have to say. Your voice has power and we do listen.

Now, we realize that there are many challenges to overcome but we have complete confidence in the process. Beyond the normal hurdles of developing a video game there is also the matter of funding. At the moment we are bootstrapping this project with our own money and time. We are completely independent from a publishing company and we always will be because we want to give you far more creative power than any publisher would ever allow. We'll attempt to crowdfund each individual game which would allow us to keep the power in your hands and even includes more ways to get people involved.

We are so excited to embark on this journey with you.
We'll be the space orangutan starship and you'll be the rocket fuel. Let's go!